Girl Meets Pearl Luminizer by Benefit Cosmetics {REVIEW}

Girl Meets Pearl Luminizer by Benefit Cosmetics {REVIEW}

Ever since Benefit Cosmetics relaunched in South Africa a couple of months ago, ladies and beauty bloggers alike have been afluster!

It took me a while to get my greedy little hands on some goodies for reviews but I am finally back with my second review! (You can see my first, on the Facial Hydration Mist, here)

I definitely wanted to review a few Benefit goodies because they are on the pricier side of cosmetics. But are they worth it? Read more to find out if I think the Girl Meets Pearl Liquid Luminizer is worth the R375 price tag.




Immediately upon opening this product you are hit with the smell. It is sooo good! The yummiest smell which seems to be a mix of something sweet and clean smelling. Reading the ingredients, it turns out those are smells of raspberry, chamomile and almond oil. Benefit is not known for having yummy smelling products so this was a nice little surprise.

The second thing you notice is the pearly pink gleam of the formula. It is a lightweight sheer highlighter which can be used to enhance your cheekbones. Or just to give your face that “healthy” look which is so very in right now. Good bye contoured and structured cheekbones – hello fresh and dewy clear skin!


When you use it for the first time, be very gentle. As you can see from the above image, the nozzle is made up of fifty seven small squares. As you twist the bottom, the luminizer formula protrudes out of all of the holes. So if you are only needing a small amount you won’t want to twist too much! I usually use it for crazy highlighting and I only use half a twist.

I have seen people online mention that the sample/travel version of this product is designed in a way that you can see how much product you still have left. This full size version is completely covered and you aren’t able to see any of the inside product. I am not complaining at all as I haven’t used the travel size. AND I don’t really care too much about knowing how much product I have left. That being said you use such a minuscule amount. I can see this lasting maybe an entire year? I will definitely report back on that!





Another tip I have seen online is people suggesting this be used over blush. If you are quite fair like myself then you honestly do not need a blush over this. The pearly pink sheen seems to be strung through with a  tinge of gold and gives off the effect of wearing blusher AND highlighter. If you have a darker skin tone then maybe you would like to add on some blush though 🙂

It can also be used alone on skin or over foundation/BB cream/CC cream for a dewy look OR you can even apply powder over it for a matte effect. There really are so many ways to use it.


I like to use Girl Meets Pearl Luminizer all the way from the apples of my cheeks, in a diagonal sweep up to my temple on either side of my face. And then a teensy tiny dot underneath my brows for good measure!




I think its safe to say that I am pretty much taken by Benefit since their relaunch. Next up on my wish list is the Lollitint, Bo-ing Concealer and They’re Real mascara. (Yep, I am the only person yet to try it still!)


What did you think of the Girl Meets Pearl Luminizer? Do you have any suggestions of AMAZING Benefit products that I need to try?

Rayne XX

*** Benefit Cosmetics is available throughout South Africa at select Edgars and Red Square stores. Cape Town’s being located in Canal Walk.

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