Facial Hydrating Mist by Benefit Cosmetics {REVIEW}

Facial Hydrating Mist by Benefit Cosmetics {REVIEW}

Hello hello! I am finally BACK IN ACTION. This time of year is always intense, no matter who you are, but us in the jewellery manufacturing business are 110% all hands on deck-overtime-balls to the walls stressed out. I have been slacking so badly on the blogging front but I am finally back and ready to blog to my little hearts content.


Today I decided I would blog about the skincare product which is the Ultra Radiance Facial Hydrating Mist by Benefit Cosmetics. Benefit is renowned for their great quality make-up and to-die-for packaging, but their skin care tends to be top notch also. Us here in Cape Town (and the rest of South Africa) are dealing with Summer and boy, oh, boy a South African summer can hit you hard.



Advertised to be an “instant re-moisturising mist with tri-radiance complex”. (Doesn’t that line just make you want to buy ALL the mists?“). It is what should be the answer to any problem a girl with slight oil control issues might have.

If you look this product up online you will notice that it is one of the few skincare items that gets five out of five stars almost every single time on beauty and skincare forums.

It is also advertised as being able to use before make-up application but after cleansing OR after applying your make-up. If applied after make-up application is it meant to give your face that little extra needed boost of radiance.

Facial Hydrating Mist


Personally I had mascara running down my face when I applied it on top of my make-up! I may have applied too much or maybe I applied it to too close to my face (the bottle does recommend spraying for about 20CM away anyway)). Either way I find that the most beneficial way to use the mist is when you are wearing no make-up but your face feels tight and worn out after being in the sun or in our crazy Cape Town wind. It totally gives you that much needed hydration that it promises. Another way is to apply it to your face – as they recommend – after make-up application but only when using a thin layer of make-up such as concealer and mascara. Not when you have an entire cake face on.


Facial Hydrating Mist

At the end of the day this is the ultimate in make-up refreshing sprays, the top notch of facial pick-me-ups. Furthermore, something I will NOT be leaving home without this Summer!

The gorgeous packaging is to die for and the Facial Hydrating Mist will cost you around R300 randaroos. I know, I know. R300 is a lot of money buuut your skincare should be more important than make-up purchases. AND look at the size of that bottle (133.3ML), this one is gonna last you about a year.

Have you tried this yet? What did you think of it? Is it worth R300 smackeroos? 

** You can find a Benefit stand in selected and Red Square stores nationwide. Our closet one on my side of the world is Canal Walk.

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