The Best of THE BODY SHOP 2015 {BEST OF – 2015}

The Best of THE BODY SHOP 2015 {BEST OF – 2015}

I have never reeeeaally been a “shower and bath product” kinda gal but I recently noticed that I own a LOT of The Body Shop products. I always thought I owned more LUSH skincare and bathtime products than any other brand but apparently not. Therefore I decided to do a “Best of The Body Shop 2015” post. I have six (technically seven items) that I would repurchase in a heartbeat.

Please note that I realize these are not amazing pictures as the bottles are half empty and used but these are products that were purchased throughout 2015 so having pristine and perfect bottles for incredible pictures was just not an option.



  1. The Passion Fruit Shower Gel – The one item which infact is in perfect condition because I very recently purchased my fourth one for the year. I realize this could be a very quirky scent for some people but if you like the smell of Granadilla then this is perfection. The smell is SPOT ON and stays with you for hours.


2. The Tea Tree Squeaky Clean Facial Scrub – I have been using products from the Tea Tree range since I was in high school (that’s more than four years now). No matter how many high end brands I will, I always go back for more of the Tea Tree range. This scrub is the perfect exfoliation and the smell is so fresh. It can double as your morning “wake me up” revitalising shower gel! Seriously though, don’t go lathering yourself in the scrub. But the intense smell will truly awaken your senses.


3. The Fuji Green Tea Body Scrub – This item was actually sent to me for review and when I was told what was being sent over I immediately thought bad thoughts. I DESPISE TEA. I don’t drink it ever and I certainly do not go near green tea. If you didn’t like mushrooms you wouldn’t put mushroom scrub all over your body would you?

Either way, once it arrived I was still hesitant but the glorious looking jelly intrigued me. I say jelly because, even though its advertised as a scrub, the consistency is not scrubby in the slightest. The best way of describing the texture is gelatine like with little poppy balls in it. Sounds bad, right? WRONG. The softness of the jelly disappears and turns into a super luxurious thick texture and the balletjies are just hard enough to give you a nice all around exfoliation.

You can see my full review on this scrub here.


4. And my favourite shower product of all time? The Vanilla Brulee Body Polish. I received a Vanilla Brulee Gift Set from my boyfriend’s mom last Christmas but because I don’t like sweet smelling items I did not use it until the following March and HOLYMOLY it is the best thing I have ever smelt in my life. It is spot on rich Vanilla Creme Brulee (but not in a bad way) and the exfoliation section gets a huge tick.

I then went on a manhunt to buy as many as I could but OF COURSE the Vanilla Brulee range was Christmas Limited Edition and we are now in Christmas 2015 and, while The Body Shop has released more limited edition ranges such as Glazed Apple and Frosted Cranberry/Plum, they have not brought back Vanilla Brulee. BOO! I have about four squeezes left in this tube and I may or may not ever actually use it again.


5. The 750ML Shower Gel Selection – At the moment I am using the Wild Argan Oil 750ML shower gel and, while I am not the hugest fan of this actual scent, no one can say that these gigantic bottles are not an awesome value for money! They last so long and almost every The Body Shop range is available in a big one.


6. And finally, my absolute fave skincare item of all time. Not just my favourite The Body Shop item. The Vitamin C Microdermabrasion Scrub. I did a full and indepth review on it which you can view here. Overall this is the main product that I find can help properly with dull skin tone and pasty skin. It revitalises your skin cells and your skin feels renewed and replenished instantly.


And then the Tea Tree Facial Toner gets an honorable mention! I was out of the product when I wrote this blog post up so I don’t have a picture but it is also a  great product. Especially if you have dry or blemished skin!


Do you agree with my top six (secretly seven) the Best of THE BODY SHOP 2015 picks? Would you add any other The Body Shop items to this list?

Thanks for reading!

Rayne XX



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  1. Candice at 11:09 AM

    Oooe I have not used these yet! I love the sound of the Vitamin C scrub!

  2. Siobhan Hughes at 12:11 PM

    That Vitamin C Microdermabrasion – how would it be for a slightly sensitive skin?

    I recently got the Oils of the World facial oil and I’m in LOVE with it!

    • makeitrayne at 8:50 AM

      I wouldn’t suggest it for sensitive skin – ONLY because the tube doesn’t state that it is suitable for sensitive skin but it may be!

      OOOH have you don a review on the Oils of The World? Would LOVE to try that one!!