Who and What is Dresslink? {REVIEW}

Who and What is Dresslink? {REVIEW}

I was approached by Dresslink a few months ago to be one of their bloggers to choose some items from their site, have them shipped over, and give them a review.

I waited a few weeks before even replying to Dresslink as I was so unsure about the situation. As I have imported items from China before and some have been awesome and some have been pitiful. I did not want to knowingly put myself into that situation and then post an awful review; a lot of the time your items will arrive and – especially when it comes to clothing or swimming costumes – your choices look NOTHING like the image online!

After deciding to go ahead with the offer, I decided to use my previous shipping knowledge to choose my items hella carefully.



First off I went with some shorts – I usually wear a size 8/10 so I went with an XL Chinese size. Anyone who knows me knows my obsession with pineapples so these pineapple printed ones were perfection. I also added in these sunflower patterned ones as I was planning on attending Rocking The Daisies and these would suit the theme perfectly.

They arrived and they look EXACTLY as the picture! I was so stoked! The material is very chiffon like, but definitely a cheaper material than chiffon. Maybe polyester? There is no tag attached with the material info so I have no idea but what I do know is that they are gorgeous, a nice quality, and they aren’t flimsy or see through at all.

These Daisy shorts were $3.90 (R45) and you can view them here.

The Pineapple shorts were $3.55 (R40) and you can view them here.






The third item I chose was this grey plunging ‘Side Boob’ body suit. I ordered it in a large and its just way way too tight for me. So an outright fail. It looks gorgeous on the model on the website but in hindsight I should never have ordered it in the first place – something that looks good on a model who has no boobs and no bum AIN’T gonna look good on my curvy body. It cost $4.37 (R55) and you can view it here.



Then the final item, and the one which I was just SO excited about, these ‘Cross My Heart, Hope To Die, Stick A Needle In My Eye’ sunnies. I have been seeing these for YEARS. Online, on celebrities, even on the little ladies on TLC’s ‘Little Women’. They’re everywhere and I have wanted them since the first time I saw them so when I saw them on Dresslink I was overjoyed! They sell for $5.39 (R60) and they are available in 4 different colours. They are super great quality – maybe the best quality of all 4 items. You can see them here.



All in all these products came to R210 without shipping which is a PHENOMENAL price! You cannot get these products for anything like that locally.

I do understand that by importing from China I am not supporting the South African economy but I DID pay custom fees on these products…

That brings me to the two negative points. Firstly, the free shipping option ‘China Air Mail’ is free but it took about four months to arrive. I, however, didn’t mind waiting at all. Secondly, I had to pay R180 customs fees as Dresslink did not label the package as a gift.

Originally I went in to collect the package and they told me I had to pat R180 in customs charges so I said NO THANK YOU and they told me that they will hold the package for 21 days so I could have a think about it.

It took me about half an hour of day dreaming about the sunnies and I was swiping my Mastercard to pay the custom charges!

All in all I am VERY happy with the service, the quality and the prices of these products. I would recommend buying from them! I know I will be ordering again…

Here are some other cute items that you can order yourself. I obviously cannot vouch for these individual items’ quality though:


Thanks for reading! Please let me know your experience if you order from them! I would also love to see pictures, so leave me your links in the comment section.

Rayne XX

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