Healing Earth {BRAND REVIEW}

This is the first time ever that I am formally introducing a new brand to my blog. And that brand is ‘Healing Earth’.

At the PR Net Luxury Event held in Cape Town at the President’s Hotel in October I was made aware of this brand. The minute I walked into the room I was drawn towards their stand based on one thing alone; THE SMELLS! Oh, the smells emitting from that stand were enough to make you spend all your cash dollar right then and there without even a peek at the other stands. They had loads of little fun freebies too like branded pencils which are a great idea. The initial stages of building a brand are tricky, so solutions like this are brilliant. View all custom pencils here if you think this might be a good idea for your brand.

I have sneakily stolen a picture from the @OurHealingEarth Twitter account because my phone decided to die just in time for the event!


How gorgeous is that display though? Myself and Cara were positively glued to the stand and the two people running the display were great. Super knowledgable and informative about any questions we threw at them.

They very kindly gave us each a little goodie bag (filled to the brim!) of products and they even let us choose a favourite to add. I decided to choose the Coffee, Cinnamon and Orange Body Polish. I cannot stress how weird that is for me because I usually won’t go near anything that smells vaguely of an orange and coffee mix! Coffee, yes. Orange, yes. Together, NO! And cinnamon, even more no! However, this mix was perfection.


After doing some research on the brand I was amazed that I had never seen them before. They have over twenty stockists (to name a few; Wellness Warehouse, Fordoun Spa, Urban Spa Durbanville), they stock a variety of great hotel and lodge franchises, and they have a huge social media following. I was more than happy to jump onto the Healing Earth bandwagon!

Now to give you a quick overview on the brand as a whole, and I’ll leave some info on the products I received.

Healing Earth is a premium and luxurious spa brand which operates all over the world producing therapies and spa concepts, as well as totally organic and natural products. The products do NOT contain any synthetics, parabens or chemicals of any kind.

The products are developed by cosmetic scientists and all ingredients used in the products are derived from the purest natural ingredients sourced from our continents oceans, minerals, herbs, flowers, plants, seeds, fruits and natural oils and harnesses their restorative powers.

Healing Earth products are not tested on animals (always the biggest WIN!) and all methods are totally people, animal and Earth friendly. And if that wasn’t already enough, Healing Earth has its own foundation – the Healing Earth Foundation – which helps to nurture and develop healthy and Earth conscious kids through their various outreach programs.

There are a few product families in the range and I have items from the majority of the ranges. I will chat a bit about the products that I have used thus far, but I haven’t used all of them.


Coffee, Cinnamon & Orange Body Polish – The famous product which I mentioned before. It smells DIVINE and the polish feels so luxurious and nourishing yet it gives you a proper ‘polish’ that you want from a cream exfoliator. This family of products is meant to combat cellulite and ‘define and sculpt. So basically, ja, gimme some of that!!

Pinotage Facial Polish – The granuals in this facial polish are smaller than the body polish which gives it a rougher scrub – just what I like! Its not as rough as a microdermabrasion scrub but it definitely gives a good buff to your skin.


Something I want to point out before going on; these small tubs are FAB. They are made of glass – so luxe – and last forever. Heaven.



Grape Foot Gel – I feel like a nonsense saying that I am obsessed with the smell of this foot gel. Buuut I am obsessed with the smell of this foot gel.

Marula & Neroli Body Balm – This is yet another OMG THAT SMELLS GREAT product. I cannot pinpoint which main ingredient is the overpowering one but it just sells divine. And look at how firm the product looks in the below images, but once your finger touches the formula it basically liquidates itself. Just stunning. And very soothing.

Night Cream Regenerative – One of the products I was most excited for as I have been on a dreary search for the perfect night cream which isn’t too thick and cakey. This is a great option; the formula is thick and creamy but it applies thinly. Therefore allowing a little to go a long way. It has a very faint smell which is what you would want from a night time product. In my opinion anyway…


DSC_2764 (2)



Argan Oil and Lemon Verbena – It took me a few days to even open this because it just looks like your run of the mill hotel body wash but WOW, open the lid at that delicious lemon smell will wrap you around its finger. I haven’t used it yet but I have opened it to have a sneaky sniff about fifteen times 😛 Definitely smells like the kind of product which will be super invigorating and will wake you right up in the morning!



Coffee, Cinnamon & Orange Oil – Another from the ‘define & sculpt’ family. I have not yet used this one but I am pleased to report that it smells as divine as the body polish and its a chunky and great quality bottle. Definitely using this before the upcoming Summer beach days ahead of us…

Pinotage Face Serum – This smells a tad different to the facial polish but it also smells great. I used only a teeeeeny drop under my nose area (on a dry patch) as I am very hesitant with facial oils. It was lovely so I will be applying it properly at a later stage and I will report back with my findings.



All in all you can tell that I am besotted with this brand already. I am one big person of smelling niceness too! I smell utterly divine. After going through the website I just wish that I had grabbed a Kalahari Melon product as that on has struck a chord with me. Next time!

You can find Healing Earth:

Website – www.healingearth.co.za

Facebook – www.facebook.com/HealingEarthAfrica

Twittter – www.twitter.com/OurHealingEarth

Email – communications@healingearth.co.za

**Please note that this was not a sponsored post but, as I mentioned above, the items were gifted for my consideration.

What do you think of this brand? Please let me know if you would like a more indepth post on any of the above products and I will be sure to get one up!

Rayne XX

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