LIP LOOK #17 Chi-Chi Liquid Lipstick in Wild Child {LIP LOOK}

The Chi-Chi Liquid Lipstick is one of those products that has me wishing a brand would just get itself to South Africa ASAP! Chi-Chi is definitely one of my top 5 beauty brands ever.

I have featured the Chi-Chi Viva La Diva Velvet Lipstick in Extravaganza as Lip Look #13 here  so I won’t go on about how fantastic the brand is because I have mentioned that once or twice before..


ANYWAY. This is a liquid lipstick – its in the form of a lipgloss (vair deceiving) but what comes out is a luxurious and creamy liquid. Its very thick and easy to work with. The applicator has a unique shape which allows you to apply it easily but I would still rather use a brush for the first few uses or at least until you get used to using it.

They are super creamy and moisturising and they do not feather at all. I tend to have major chaps in my bottom left when wearing a drying lip product and this stays pretty moisturised for ages, aka no chaps in my lip.




They are marketed as a matte product and they do give off a matte effect but I think they should actually just be advertised as a liquid lipstick. If you were buying this for the sole reason of wanting a matte liquid lipstick then you may be a bit disappointed as they don’t give off an intense mattified look. But overall yes, you can tell that it is a matte effect.


To compare it to a South African product I would say it is a MUCH better matte version of the Rimmel Apocolips. Also, they smell like the purple Bubbaloos. I am OBSESSED with the smell, actually. So delicious.

As I said, they are not available for purchase here, but they cost around R170 each for a 7ml tube and the range consists of 16 colours.


Please DO excuse the mediocre quality photos. These were all taken on my old camera and I got rid of the packaging so I did not want to retake all the photos. YOLO.

What do you think of this? Would YOU buy this product based on my review?

Rayne XX

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  1. Ayesha bhayat at 11:09 AM

    I am very exited to be trying some new zealand brands thanks to your blog.
    I am in the process of having my first box swap.
    It so exiting and all thanks to your blog.
    I made a cool friend in NZ and having so mucj fun shopping for her.
    Can’t wait to try australis and chi chi.

    • makeitrayne at 11:36 AM

      Yay! I am so happy for you 😀 I have never swapped with someone from New Zealand before but I think they get pretty similar products are brands to Australia. Please let me know what items you get! xx