Vanishing Cream – LUSH {REVIEW}

The LUSH Vanishing Cream is probably my favourite ever LUSH product and one of my top three facial moisturisers ever. It is also LUSH’s most sold moisturiser worldwide.



Right off the bat this is such a winner for me. I am so hesitant with facial creams because I literally cannot feel the difference on my face between a R1200 cream and a R30 cream. Honestly. I know that you only notice a difference after a certain amount of days, yada yada. But if I am paying that kind of money then I expect to at least feel the nourishment/hydration/angel fingers on my face.


The Vanishing Cream is actually meant for problem skin and for people who are prone to acne and an oily T-zone. I however do not have either but this still works like a charm. I know, you may be wondering WHY I purchased it when its not specifically for my skin type but a friend with a similar skin type recommended it and I am so happy that she did.

What I love about it? It is feathery light, smells faintly like lavender and it disappears on your skin. The website states ‘Your problems will soon vanish’ but in my opinion it could have earned its name based on how it melts into your skin. I am sure I am not the only person who DESPISES those creams which are super thick and rich and heavy and you basically slide off your pillow at night. This is the polar opposite.


The main ingredients are: Camellia Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Lavender Honey Water, Lavender Oil, Linseed Infusion. Organic Cold Pressed Grapeseed Oil and Rose Water. As I said before, it smells faintly like lavender that would put me right off. Honestly, though, even if you do not love the smell, its gorgeous and super light.



It retails for R345 for a 45g tub (which I think is pricey but compared to other brands its a great price).  And – I know I say this ALL THE TIME – a little goes a long, long way.

Have you tried this? And if so, what did you think of it?


Rayne xx


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