Hello all! And happy Thursday to you. Almost Friday. YES YES.


If you are reading this then it must be because you are interested in knowing where I have been lately and WHY I have not been posting. I obviously do not need to validate myself to anyone but I feel like I will feel a lot better to get my thoughts out into the webisphere – even if not a single person reads this.

There are a few reasons why I have not been posting lately. Firstly, I post more regularly than other beauty bloggers. I average 4.8 posts a week according to my Jetpack. Each and every single blogger will tell you that you go through phases of being creative and having writers block. When I started blogging I basically spooled out a hundred posts in one go, because I was that excited and I had so many products to review, and so many thoughts that I needed to get out there. So I would schedule posts weeks in advance and I never had an issue with not having content and material. But THEN I got a new camera and – being the perfectionist Virgo that I am – I will absolutely NOT publish the posts which I have currently scheduled because the photo quality is horrid compared to what my new camera can achieve.


Another reason – and I don’t want to hint at the fact that I am psychic buuuut – is that when I posted my ‘100th Post – And What I Have Learned’ I basically mentioned the absolute nastiness that you witness in the blogging world. Whether you are a small or big blogger, you get it everywhere. And a lot of people commented and said that they have never experienced that, the community is perfect etc etc. And cue the SA Beauty Blog Awards. There were tweets flying about that had me literally squirming with embarrassment. The unprofessionalism of some people online was beyond disgusting. I did my best to stay out of it though. I am Switzerland. Don’t need to drama and all that. Its pretty much died down now but I felt like I did not want to post anything online without address the issue at hand at that time but I also did not want to get involved and have my blog put out there for scrutiny and public embarrassment.


Also (and I have mentioned this online) I have recently taken on a new job that has me out and about a lot more than usual – and I am LOVING it. It gives me loads of content for my personal job as well as the experience in that sector.

So life has been a bit more hectic right now, but as of next week I will be back with a BANG.


Rayne XX

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