Birthday Wishlist!

So it is my birthday in exactly a week. I am going to be 22. HELLS BELLS.

Last year was a big birthday and I don’t think I will be having any big parties until I turn 30 (firstly because I am still recovering from my 21st and secondly it is way too depressing that my next big birthday is 30?!)

ANYWAY I am not really frothing after too many products at the moment, but if I absolutely had to choose some goodies, this is what they’d be:



1. Giant Yankee Candle Jar – I never met a Yankee Candle that I didn’t like. They are rare to find in SA but not impossible. There is a store in Cavendish mall which sells them but they are just so pricey compared to overseas. Fortunately, I have a friend in Canada who has sent me way too many Yankee tarts (who knows when they will arrive though – thanks SA Postal Service). Tarts are much cheaper to ship plus the giant jars could easily break but I would LOVE one of these big Yankee’s!

2. So I know that pineapples are pretty 2014 but my boyfriend and I have had a private joke concerning pineapples for years now. I have pineapple themed EVERYTHING. This is just a simple gold pineapple decor but for some reason it took my interest. Even though I have about six gold pineapple decor’s already!

3. This mini Moroccan lantern is yet another item which I want purely for decor and blogging purposes. Its just so gorgeous and the perfect mix between rustic and modernized.

4. I am really into fake and real flower arrangements lately. Which blogger isn’t? And these pale pink roses in the fishbowl are just so soft and gorgeous. I would love to go mad taking product shots with these in them.

5. The Kendal Jenner Estee Lauder lipstick – Everyone is loving this right now and I am NO exception. But for R360 and there are many dupes (apparently), it really is a lot of money to spend.

6. These Suede Burberry ‘The Ponytail’ booties are literally what my dreams are made of. But at R15 000 they are more of a nightmare. I would wear these all day, every day!! They are absolute perfection. I really don’t think I have ever loved the look of a bootie more.

7. American Horror Story ‘We Are All Freaks’ Pillow – definitely one of the lamer seasons of AHS but I still love this pillow! And even better, you can get it in German.

Thanks for reading – and if you’re family – feel free to go right ahead and purchase a lil’ something! 😉 

Rayne XX

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