Catrice Colour Correcting Mattifying Powder {REVIEW}

This was a product which I was extremely excited to try out mainly because I have only ever used one other CC powder and it really did not do anything that is was meant to. Great face powder overall, but it did nothing in terms of colour correcting my face.




I struggle with an uneven skin tone, more than that, its my biggest skin concern. I have redness under my nose and on the one side of my face and I also have blemishes on my chin, as well as incessant under eye circles which need truckloads of concealer. So you can see why the thought of a CC powder would be life enhancing to me?

I took photos and swatched this long before ever actually using it on my face. The first thing I noticed was the velvety feel of it. It honestly feels so silky and luxurious and the texture is ultra fine. The closest thing I can compare it to would be the M.A.C Translucent Finishing Powder and, considering the price difference, it would be amaze if this ended up being a dupe. Second thing that you will notice from my swatch picture is that pigmentation. Super pigmentation is always great in a cosmetic product BUT I did wonder if this would mean the formula would leave my face looking and/or feeling cakey? It also looked very similar to a highlighter colour but, as it is meant to give your face a luminous effect, that seems about right – as long as it is not overboard shimmery.


What does it promise: To correct uneven skin tones as well as mattifying it. Green cancels out any redness, pink refreshes tired complexions, lavender helps with dullness and beige brings out the natural skin tone.


I read a few reviews online and almost every single review said the same thing; that the powder itself is amazing, works well and is long lasting but its more of a transparent powder than a Colour Correcting powder.

Two things to also point out are 1) Catrice is 100 percent animal friendly and 2) this product lasts for 18 months which is lovely. Nothing worse than a product with a 6 month lifespan.



IMG_7562 (2)

My opinion? I really liked this powder as a face powder but I do agree with most of the other reviews that I read; it definitely helped combat some redness and discolouration on my face but it did not help with my dark circles. Overall, taking the price into consideration, I would re-purchase this because even though it did not alleviate my main skin concern it still did a fabulous job in other areas and it makes a great face powder. It gave off a tiny bit of a luminous effect but nothing too much at all. I personally do not use shimmer bronzers or anything of that sort but this really gave off more of a “healthy glow” than a shimmery sheen.

What do you think of this? If you have reviewed it before please leave me your links below!

Rayne XX




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