Favourite Make-Up Brushes {FAVOURITES}

Today’s post is one which I had been wanting to do for a long time! It is my favourite make-up brushes covering everything from face to eyes to contouring. I absolutely love having loads of brushes to choose from from both cheaper brands and high end brands, but choosing my ultimate favourites was not a tough decision at all. These are the brushes which I would use every day if I had to and I would recommend them to everyone!


1. UBU Blender Baby & Beautique Giant Powder Brush

If you follow me on any form of social media you would have seen me posting about this blender many-a-time. It may not be a legitimate Beauty Blender but it sure works almost as nicely as one. I prefer a sponge to a face brush and this is always my go to sponge. Okay, I lied, I ONLY go to this sponge. I have mentioned before that it blends smoothly, gets into all the nooks and crevices on your face and it does not use more foundation that a brush. This is a common misconception and there is no reason to believe this. I actually find that I use less foundation when using this. Next up is the Beautique giant powder brush; this is a SUPER affordable brush which I use every single day for my powder. Easy as that. The brush is not too dense, and for a cheapie brush it is an amazing quality with little to no bristle fall out.


2. Real Techniques Expert Face Brush

Of course I had to include an RT brush. I love this Expert Face Brush for thinner foundations/BB/CC creams. I find it leaves streaky lines in thicker creams but it buffs thinner consistencies super nicely and you can go straight from using this on your concealer to foundation if need be. There is absolutely no bristle fall out, and the head is nice and dense, as a foundation brush should be.




3. Sigma F50 Duo Fibre  & the Inglot Duo Fibre 27TG

I truly believe that when it comes to duo fibre face brushes you really should just spend that liiiittle bit of extra cash and buy a lovely one. Both these brushes are similar in the way that both can be used with powder, cream or liquid products to leave you with an airbrushed effect. Both have flat tops and the Sigma is a fibre duo while the Inglot is made of goat hair. You can also use them with bronzer and blusher so at the end of the day you can use them with almost every face product! I stick to using them for foundation though and if I absolutely had to choose a favourite, it would be the 27TG.



4. Sigma F60 Foundation Brush & MAC 190 Foundation Brush

As with the brushes above, these two had to be included together as I could swear they were made by the same manufacturer! Both are marketed as flat foundation brushes but we don’t live in 2013 and the world has moved on from using flat brushes to apply their foundation. However, these are bloody brilliant when used to apply primer, tinted moisturizer and ESPECIALLY concealer. They pat your concealer down lightly and firmly which sets it very well for the day. I also like using these brushes with liquid highlighers as the tapered edge allows for a sleek and defined finish.





5. Beautique brushes in 17 Crease Blender and 18 Crease shadow brush & Essence eyeshadow brush

I have featured these Beautique eyeshadow brushes in one of my monthly favourites a while back and they are still sitting high up on my list. They are an absolute STEAL at R29.95 and R34.95 each and they were better than my high end shadow brushes. The blender brush is super soft and fluffy and allows you to blend shadows in an almost dream-like state. It is so easy and anyone can create a perfect smokey-eye if they have this on hand. The shorter haired brush is the shadow brush and the density of the bristles allows you to apply your shadow with more definition and point. The purple Essence brush remains my favourite for days when I am only applying one colour to my lids and it applies well and smooths over without leaving your shadow streaky or patchy.



6. Sigma F40 Large Angled Contour Brush

And last but definitely not least (it is a Sigma after all), this F40 is my absolute favey fave for contouring and bronzing. I started off despising the brush as I am very heavy handed with my brushes and I ended up looking like a had lines all over my face but, as soon as you get your technique down properly, you will never want to move on from this brush. You can contour, blend, define and enhance like no other with this one. In a dream world I would own one for highlighters, one for bronzers, one for contouring etc etc.. But ain’t no body got time to spend R300 on each brush (yet). It is so classy looking and whenever I touch it I feel like I should be taking a photo for Instagram. As with all the Sigmas mentioned above, there is no fall out of brush hairs what so ever and the quality is top notch.



You can purchase Sigma brushes here and here.

You can purchase Beautique brushes from selected Edgars stores.

You can purchase select Real Technique brushes from select Foschini and Edgars stores.

You can purchase the UBU Blender Baby from most Clicks stores.

Do you own any of my personal favourites? Let me know if you have any hidden gems that I need to try out!

Rayne XX

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  1. Simone Cameron at 11:26 AM

    I so hope to own a few Sigma brushes one day! They seem AMAZING!!

    Have you tried any of the Cala brushes from Dischem? I am new to make up and started out with those and I do think they are great quality for the price…. I just wish they had a few more brushes.

    I am dying to try the real technique brushes as I’ve only read good reviews and they aren’t too highly priced.

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

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