MAC Prep + Prime Transparent Powder VS Inglot Translucent Loose Powder {REVIEW}

Everybody loves M.A.C, right? It may just be the most coveted make-up brand to ever exist. I myself loooove me a bit of M.A.C but unfortunately my paycheck doesn’t allow me to have a huge collection. I mentioned in my Best Beauty Finds of 2014 post that I picked up the M.A.C Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder after receiving a voucher for my 21st birthday. I had never even heard of this powder but when the, oddly, nice (you know how the salesladies in there can be) saleslady talked this product up to be a goldmine I decided to go for it. At R320 for 9g it was a risk but OH MY MAKE-UP ART COSMETICS this was a game changer.



Anyway, so I had been using this beaut for five months before seeing someone post a rave review on the Inglot Translucent Powder and I immediately went out to get it. I am a super fan of Inglot – its probably the brand which I own the most of – and I knew I could count on them to stock an awesome powder.

I managed to pick it up and the first thing I noticed – which is not overall a bad thing – is that the tub was considerably smaller than my M.A.C tub. No problem there. I happily paid for it and off I went. But when I sat down to compare the two’s sizes I started doing some calculations and I realized the enormity of the price difference. The Inglot costs R189 for a 1.5g tub and the M.A.C costs R320 for a 9g tub. That means that you are paying R35.5 per M.A.C gram, and R126 per Inglot gram! Therefore this Inglot better knock my socks off.




I won’t give a full review on the M.A.C as I have given one above in the Best Beauty Finds of 2014 but I will reiterate that it is the best powder I have ever tried. It promises to reduce shine and minimize the appearance of lines, imperfections and pores. It is only available in one “universal” colour for all skin shades and can be worn over make-up or on bare, but moisturized, skin.

The Inglot over all is a great product. The tub may be smaller but the product itself is fantastic. A little goes a long long way and it leaves you with a long lasting and perfect matte finish. It is also available in six colours. I did find that if I was having a particularly oily skin day then this powder almost sucks up that excess oil and leaves your face as mattified as it would usually look on a not-so-oily day.


At the end of the day, when all is said and done, I will be re-purchasing the M.AC instead of the Inglot. This almost pains me to say because generally I choose Inglot over M.A.C when it comes to eyeshadows, lip liners, blush and bronzer, but in this case I cannot get over the price difference. The powders are almost spot on identical, with the Inglot doing that lovely sucking up oil trick, but the M.A.C actually leaves my face feeling softer and silkier than the Inglot AND I feel like its a little longer lasting.


The price difference is my main issue, and I am so not stingy with make-up prices. I would defnitely choose the M.A.C in this scenario. And next time someone moans that M.A.C is “so much more expensive” than other brands I will direct them straight to this post.



Have you tried either of these or even both? What did you think

Rayne XX

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