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I am such a bargain hunter. My friends and family are always asking me to keep them updated with beauty sales and promos. Hey, I have no problem spending insane amounts of money on a perfect item but if I can find it on sale then 20 points for me! I always keep track of warehouse sales as well, and I tend to visit warehouses a few times a year but this year I heard about an annual warehouse sale that was new to me and when I found out which brands were a part of the company I almost started hyperventilating (only other beauty obsessed people will understand). Luxury Cosmetics is the house which supplies brands such as Stila, Decleor, Payot, Carita, Yves Rocher, Smashbox and more to South African retailers. They have one huuuge annual sale every year and I did not find out about it until this year. The sale was held over a Friday and Saturday (Friday being payday – YAY) and I knew I would be there first in line before the doors opened. Weeeellll, I had an appointment in that area two hours before which was then cancelled so I got there at 11am (the sale started at 1pm) and just sat in the parking lot like a fool when I realized that people were already going in. There were ladies asking for the doors to open early so they just let them in, whoop whoop! I was like a kid in a candy store and they had some incredible items for jaw dropping prices (I literally sound like a am busy typing up a hugely sponsored ad, but I am not, it was truly that awesome).

And here is the best part. My haul:

yves eyshadows


First off I picked up a few single eyeshadows from Yves Rocher and Couleurs Nature. I picked up five colours but two are for my upcoming giveaway (spoiler alert). I swatched some in store and they very buttery and blendable and the darker plum colour is going to be gorgeous for Autumn.

Usually R175. I bought them for R10 each. INSANE.




Next up is the Smashbox Jet Set Waterproof Eyeliner and Brush set in IDOL (darkest brown). I got the last set available so I was happy about that. I have been meaning to pick up a dark brown gel eyeliner for a while now so this was perfect.

Usually R220, I bought it for R20.



The Stila Sweet Treat Bronzing Powder is something that I have had my eye on for a while since I purchased its sister item (the All You Need Is Love blusher) a year ago. It looks delectable and even though there is a teeny tiny little crack on the edge, it is still perfect to me. The colours are very muted which is exactly the kind of colours my skin tone needs.

Usually costs R140, I paid R75



The Payot Design Ultra Lift Remodelling Lifting Serum I actually bought on behalf of my mom because she love love loooves her skincare goodies. She just asked me to choose a random “not too expensive” anti aging serum so I picked this. Then I got home and googled it and it has RAVE reviews as well as costing sixty one POUNDS! I was gobsmacked when I saw the price! I picked it up for R140, that is a crazy crazy discount and now I wish I had also got one for myself.

Usually R1058, it was on sale for R140.



Next up I grabbed two tubs of the Yves Rocher Anti-Age Global Complete Anti-aging Care. I was especially glad to see so many options on sale that were smaller tubs (such as 10ml, 15ml and 30ml) as I have that awful skin type where if I use the same product for too long my skin becomes accustomed to it and my skin care routine ends up losing its desired effect. So having loads of different types on hand is great for me but it can also get veeeery pricey so these smaller tubs are awesome.

Usually R120, they were on sale for R20 each.




I tend to never stray from my GOSH Natural Touch Foundation. I have literally mentioned it about twenty times on my blog but I decided to branch out and try a high end brand seeing as they were so affordable. Hopefully I do not love them too much that I am not able to go back to my normal foundation 😉 I got two bottles in the shade Beige 100 and aaah they just smell expensive! I also love the feel of the glass bottles as my regular foundations are plastic but touch wood that I do not drop them of course.

Usually they cost R300 each, they were on sale for R50 each.


IMG_4225-horz - Copy


The next three items were the creme de le creme for me mainly because they were just such a bargain! The Smashbox Camera Ready Full Coverage Foundation with UVA/UVB Protection SPF 15. I was in a bit of a rush and did not have time to properly match my skin tone so I just grabbed three in Fair F0, Fair F1 and Light L1. I figure if any are too dark or too light they will still be great for creme contouring. I will definitely have a review up on these as they claim to be full coverage and I rarely use full coverage foundations. These were the most insane price of all…

Usually R330 each, on sale for R20 each!



The Payot Clarifying Lotion a& Absorbent Powder Sheet Mask. Ever since I used my first sheet mask (post here) I have been wanting to try another but the last one gave me results that left me with amazing skin but also crazy spots so I am hoping this mask will give me the first and not the latter result.

Usually R60 each. I bought each mask for R20.



The Payot Design Lift Patch Yeux (Express Eye Smoothing Care). I have never heard of these before but I love anything that improves your eye area so there you go. After checking these out online they look reeeally awesome and I am so keen to see how these work out. Plus, the packaging is gold. How can they not be awesome?

Usually R75 each, I got six packs at R10 each.

These next few things will seem weird to some people because overseas samples/testers are readily handed over and given away whenever you ask for them. But getting nice sized testers is so rare in South Africa and sales people are skeptical when handing over samples (who knows why?). They had loads of samples available for purchase at the sale so I picked up both the Yves Rocher Wrinkles & Firmness Plumping Force+ Day Cream and the Yves Rocher Derma-Soothing Day Moisturizer. As I mentioned above I tend to need loads of different skincare items on hand so these are perfect for that.

Usually R85 for 15mls. I got them for R20 each. 



And that is IT for my Luxury Cosmetics haul post. SHEW. I feel like I have been writing for hours. Overall I am super happy with my goodies but I do wish I had thought to pick up more full sized skincare products. I am going to research all the above-mentioned brands and go prepared next time 😉

Have you tried any of these products? What did you think of them?

Rayne XX

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      Hi Ayesha, it was in Westlake Park in CPT and I am not sure about when it is next on. They hold it a few times a year – keep an eye on my Facebook and Twitter as I’ll be posting the dates once I know 🙂 xx

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