International Beauty Swap: AUSTRALIA #2 – Part 1

A few weeks ago myself and my mom were in Clicks looking at the NYX soft lip creams and we absolutely fell in love with them. My mom wanted to buy five colours – and if you know my mom you will know how shocking this is as she is not a “full face makeup” person and I am pretty sure she disagrees with spending more than R60 on a make-up item – and this made me vair excited because she was taking those baby steps into the wonderful world of make-up. I offered to buy them for her as a Mothers Day present (which we celebrate in May in South Africa) if she was prepared to wait until May because I knew these were much more affordable overseas! Aaaand I kind of had my eye on a few colours which are not yet available here anyway.

So – once again – I turned to my trusty International Beauty Swap group and posted that I was looking for a swapper that had access to cheap NYX and maybe a few other items. Funnily enough, I immediately got a message from my first ever swap partner Lucy, from Australia, (view post here) and she sent me a picture of three unopened limited edition NYX lip cream boxes that she purchased and would not be using, so did I want to swap? I was immediately ecstatic as these colours looked exactly like the colours my mom wanted and it also had a few extras which I would be more than happy to take off her hands. I checked the colour names online and they are different to the ones that my mom liked but I sent her the pictures that Lucy sent me and she really liked these colours too, so we decided to go ahead and plan our second swap. This swap is much smaller than our previous swap as the items are of higher value.

Lucy asked me if I could please send her three MAC items which equalled the same value as what she would be sending me; matte lipstick in Please Me, Paint Pot in Painterly (out of stock so I got her Layin’ Low) and a lipliner in Edge 2 Edge.  I wanted to get her a few extras too because she truly spoiled me with our last swap and I wanted to make up for it this time and I still had not gotten any extras until the day before we decided to post but I saw her asking online if anyone had access to the LA Girl Pro Pro Conceal High Definition Concealer so I told her I could get it for her. So I got her two tubes of that, plus the LA Girl Beauty Brick in SMOKEY and then I threw in a Jelly-Tot slab of chocolate, a Black Cat peanut Bar, a packet of corn nibs and two necklaces which I knew she liked from a prior conversation.


My postage was so cheap on this swap! The package weighed 560 grams and it cost R211 including a tracking code. I can’t wait for her to get her package. It was a small one but I know she is going to love it J And I am sooo excited to receive my swap from her, too.


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Rayne XX

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  1. Simone Cameron at 9:28 AM

    Must feel like Christmas every time you get these packages!

    • makeitrayne at 10:45 AM

      It certainly does! Now if only South Africa can get a move on with our postal strikes and actual deliver our parcels. GRRR!