Sisterhood of the World – Blogger Award {TAG}

Welcome back, lovelies!

Today I am completing the Sisterhood of the World Tag. I was tagged by the lovely Janneke over at daisyperson.


The blogging community is such a close, tight knit and supportive group of people and I think the point of this is to get to know even more bloggers and to spread the love a little bit. So Janneke has set 10 questions for me to answer, and at the bottom of the post I will tag 5 more bloggers and I will set ten questions for them. So lets go!

1. What was the inspiration to your blog name?
Well my name is Rayne (pronounced as ‘Rain’) and it had been my Twitter handle for a few years so I just went with that.
2. If you could buy makeup from only one drugstore brand for the rest of your life which brand would you pick?
Definitely Clicks because its about all we have here as far as drugstores go. I wish we had Boots here!
3. Tell me a story of a date that went horribly wrong or was just terrible right from the get go.
I really have never had an awful date? Once we went for pizza and instead of tomato paste they used tomato sauce (see question 9) and that was pretty awful but I have never had a bad date with someone who was not yet my boyfriend.
4. What is the beauty purchase you have been disappointed in the most?
The Stila One Step Correct – NEVER have I had such a bad experience. Left me disgustingly oily.
5. Would you rather spend a more money for luxury makeup brands or rather save and buy dupes?
Oooh, I cannot choose between those. I like to have a happy medium.
6. What was your first MAC lipstick you bought? (if you have not purchased any MAC lipsticks what was the first lipstick you ever bought)
MAC Lickable 🙂
7. If someone forced you to dye your hair right now, but it is not allowed to be similar to the current colour, which colour would you pick?
Some crazy teal blue or crazy Kim K platinum.
8. You are stuck on an island with two guys. One is strong, hot and extremely arrogant. The other is not the prettiest pea in the pod, a little weak but very nice. Which one would you rather camp with?
Defos the nice pea.
9. Do you have any fears?
Frogs, lizzards, geckos, mayonnaise, home invasions (never leave me alone at home at night), tomato sauce and no eyebrows.
10. Would you say you have mastered the art of liquid eyeliner and if so how?
If I use sellotape then YES. Otherwise, heck no.
So I hope you enjoyed these questions and answers. Here are my 10 questions and the five bloggers who I have chosen to tag:
1. Would you rather shop at MAC or Sephora?
2. Three make-up items that you use EVERY DAY?
3. Who is your ultimate beauty idol?
4. What song is currently your favourite?
5. Where do you hope to see your blog in exactly a year from now?
6. Celeb crush?
7. What was the inspiration behind your blog name? (I stole this one from Daisy but I am so interested in these answers)
8. Describe your perfect Sunday.
9. Would you rather eat sushi or pizza for the rest of your life?
10. Favourite make-up item EVER? Be it low or high end.
I am so looking forward to seeing your answers! Please tag me in it so I can read them.
Rayne XX
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