Glazed Lip Paints by LA Girl {REVIEW}

The Glazed Lip Paints! Finally finally finally I managed to get my hands on these! I had been tweeting about these for around three weeks before I finally found them. My friend in Canada sent me a picture and asked if I could get my hands on them.

I knew we had LA Girl in South Africa and these looked vaguely familiar but when I tweeted Dis-Chem about it (they are the only store stocking LA Girl) they said that no, the Glazed Lip Paints are not available here. Lo and behold, the next time I was in Dis-chem I spotted them and I bought all four! And I mean I literally bought all four, there weren’t even duplicates. There were four tubes which ended up being Coy, Pin Up, Babydoll and Hot Mess.



There are twelve colours and I wanted ten of them (yes, excessive, my bad) but the only two which I managed to buy that I liked were Babydoll and Coy. I left the other two unopened as I will be sending them to my friend in Canada – and hopefully after finding more by then!


Glazed Lip Paints



The consistency of these is crazy thick and creamy. As you can see from the first image (taken from BeautywithEmilyFox) they are luxurious and highly pigmented. The tube itself is like those old school glosses that we all used back in the day. I squeezed a bit out and it completely splodged everywhere! Literally I applied the squeezy tube straight to my lips and I ended up with lip paint on my teeth.


Glazed Lip Paints

Second time around I went in with a lip brush and it applied PERFECTLY. I can honestly say that I one hundred percent love these and I need to get the rest of the colours 😀 They feel very moisturising on your lips and they are the furthest thing from a drying matte lip product. I usually always always go for matte effects when it comes to lips but this is just perfect; almost a cremesheen effect.

They give off a smell similar to the Revlon Colourburst chubby sticks (slightly pepperminty) and I can see one tube – which is 12mls – lasting for a good few months, as you use such a minimal amount, and the tube states that it is usable for 24 months. SCORE.

This pink is Babydoll and the purple is Coy. I love both shades and I can see myself wearing Coy regularly during these upcoming Autumn and Winter months.




So, as you can probably tell from everything I have just said, I am dying to get my hands on more of these. I have been on the lookout everytime I go into Dis-Chem but they just never have any! Hopefully this changes soon. Fingers crossed.

Have you tried these before, and do you love them as much as I do?

Rayne XX

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  1. Martie ♥ Living Lightley Blog at 10:33 AM

    I absolutely love these Glazed Lip paints from LA Girl… I picked up all 6 colours Dis-Chem had last year September when I was in SA and I order 2 of the new Colours from the other day. Love love love!!!! Hope you get your hands on some more soon Rayne. xxx

  2. Sarah at 1:41 AM

    I’ve never tried these but have heard they are amazing. They look so bright and pigmented on you. I really like them! I’d love to try some of the more nude shades. Do you know if you can purchase these online?

    Sarah | Bows & Pleats

  3. CeecesTravel at 10:03 AM

    I knew I was going to have 1001 questions after reading this post!

    I love the post BTW, great colors everywhere and well written.

    And I would LOVE to try this range out, hell Id love to own this entire range. I am mad crazy about lumo bright and loud colors. And the bolder and brighter the better!

    I just have one issue, I can not stand sticky lips or that sticky feeling on my lips! This is often why I only wear bright matte lipsticks because lip-gloss just feels slimy to me. It leaves marks on glasses, if you touch your face by accident you’re screwed, and you cant kiss anyone?

    I see you said its more of creamy like texture? Would you say its more Cream vs Sticky?

    Also note you used a lip brush to complete the application? I like this idea, thinking a nice lip liner, with this filled in could create an amazing look 🙂

    Thanks for the awesome post!

    Look forward to reading more from you….


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