International Beauty Swap: AUSTRALIA – Part 2



Hi eveeeerybody!

Here is my Part Two post following my International Swap! In my last post here I covered what the guidelines of the Swap were and what I posted to my partner, and this post will be about what I asked for and what I received.
Here is my Swapping Quiz: (please not there were A LOT of questions so I cut out the unnecessary ones just like in Part One)


What is your budget? $50AUS (about R474)

How old are you? 21

What kind of items do you most want/use? Every kind of cosmetic but no nail polishes.

What make-up do you like/wear most? Blush, Bronzer, Eye shadows and Mascara.

What products do you prefer for lips/hate for lips? Love lipbalms, hate lipgloss

Which colours do you prefer for lips: Berry tones and nudes.

Which colours do you dislike for lips? Reds and pinks

What type of skin do you have? Normal, if a little oily. No acne or scarring.

Do you have any special requests? I would love some low end products! I have a nice selection of high end products so I would love some cheaper alternatives that we are unable to get in SA.

I also mentioned that I would love to try some Aussie sweets/snacks and there were two items from the brand Choose Chi-Chi which I specifically asked for.


Lucy posted my parcel via Australia Post on 31st January and it was 1.5KG and cost her $71AUS! This is almost R700 – everything is crazy expensive in Australia.

I received my parcel on 25th Feb and, as you can imagine, I was ecstatic to have finally received what we had been planning since mid-December. Lucy had posted my parcel almost a month prior and just as I was starting to worry that it had been snatched, it arrived! It should have taken much quicker but our lovely South African Customs decided to go through every lovingly wrapped package and open each one. Thankfully, they did not take anything. I swear on my Gucci handbag that I would have sued them.



 Anyway so after making it home from the Post Office I threw some make-up on, set up my tri-pod and filmed the entire opening palava! I do not know if I will put it up because I am suuuuch a drama queen and I think I say “oh my GOSSSSH” about thirty times and its a bit sad. So for now I will upload all the pictures and names of my items without reviews – those will be sure to come in the coming weeks 🙂 I am going to leave the lipsticks names and individual pictures for last. They are, after all, the creme de la creme.



HD Undereye Setting Powder

Blush in Pink Passion

Long-Lasting Lustrous Eyeshadow in Confetti


IMG_1490 IMG_1492



Bronzing Powder in Golden

Colour Inject Lipgloss in Burlesque

Velour Lips Matte Lip Cream in MI-A-MEE



Gel Eyeliner

Pressed Bronzer in Bronze (I also looove this already)


Klara Cosmetics –

Shy Blush

Kiss Proof Lips in 010



Clumpcrusher Mascara in 810

Blast Flipstick in Whisper

Smoochies Lipbalm in 215 Luv U



Liquid Lipstick in Wild Child

Baked Eyeshadows in Lost Without you and Firework

Mosaic Blush in Pink Peach

Mattes Eyeshadow Collection Palette

IMG_1515 IMG_1518


2 x OXX eyeshadows without names

Lucas Paw-Paw ointment (basically their version of Zambuk)

Essence – Get BIG Lashes Waterproof mascara (the one item in my package that we can purchase in SA)


The absolute ONLY fly in the ointment – besides for Customs opening my presents – was that I only asked for two specific items and the one, the Chi-Chi Mosaic Blush is the only item which was ruined beyond repair 🙁




Covergirl in 375 Coquette

Face of Australia in Forbidden Fruit & Urban Spice

Chi-Chi in Drop Dead Gorgeous

Australis in Mash Up and Preppy

IMG_1553 IMG_1556 IMG_1558 IMG_1559 IMG_1560

Now that my first swap within the Swap Group has been completed I can move on to participating in multiple swaps at one time. I am already chatting to two girls from England and one from Canada. This could be dangerous….

Thanks for reading!

Have you participated in an international swap before? Did you enjoy it? Let me know in the comments!





PS: See what I sent to Lucy here!

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  1. Martie ♥ Living Lightley Blog at 11:40 AM

    Oh no!!!! So sad about your blush… When I order online from overseas that is the one thing I am always scared of, that my goodies arrived damaged or broken 🙁 All the other goodies look lovely. Been looking at the Elf Under Eye setting powder, but I wasn’t a fan of the HD powder for the face, so I am a bit skeptical…. Would love to hear what you think…

    • makeitrayne at 12:31 PM

      Hi Martie 🙂

      I know, right! And sure enough the ONE product I asked for arrived broken while everything else was perfect 🙁 I am still yet to try the under eye setting powder but I will be sure to let you know what I think. Its definitely one of my favourites from the bunch – I hope it delivers great results!

  2. daisyperson blog at 12:07 PM

    You got some great products! And all those lipsticks look lovely! So sad about the blush, can’t imagine what it must have gone through to end up looking like that! Luckily the gorgeous nudes palette is perfect!

    • makeitrayne at 12:32 PM

      So so sooo bleak about the blush! 🙁 But yes so happy that the nudes palette is in tip top condition – its amazing!

    • makeitrayne at 3:06 PM

      Hahaha, YESSS! They were incredible. Cannot wait to do another swap and ask for every flavour 😉

  3. Simone Cameron at 1:14 PM

    What a package!!! Wowser! Can’t wait to read the reviews 🙂

    • makeitrayne at 1:17 PM

      thanks, lovely! Reviewing them will definitely be the best “research” 😉

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  5. Nisa at 2:03 PM

    Hi Rayne,

    I would really love to take part in an international beauty swap. Please could you give me more info on the FB page so I could join too. Thanks

    P.S. Loving your lip look posts 🙂