Autumn Palettes: GOSH VS Yardley {REVIEW}

With Autumn make-up trends slowly starting to appear in South Africa (YES YES YESSSSS), I thought it was only fitting that I review two of my Autumn toned palettes to make up my mind on which should be my go-to palette. I have stated on my blog and Twitter quite frequently that I am practically salivating for Autumn to grace us with its presence. I am quite the lady for plums, taupes, smokey eyes and vampy looks.

I have chosen two brands which are good quality but affordable, therefore any of us can easily afford the palette. So, I hereby introduce to you today’s competitors; GOSH Cosmetics’ Smokey Nudes 10 Colour Palette VS Yardley’s Wonderland 16 Eyeshadows Palette

GOSH’S Palette:


Offers ten shades ranging from a highlighting white to charcoal black, with a nude and an inky navy blue thrown in for good measure. All ten colours look to have a slight shimmer to them but it is only the top layer which contains shimmer.

IMG_1890 (2)

The palette includes a double ended eyeshadow brush. I have not used it as I am not a fan of tester brushes but it looks to be quite a good quality brush compared to other brushes that come with palettes.

The packaging states that it takes THIRTY months to expire (that is pretty damn incredible) and the entire palette weighs 8g/0.3 oz.US. The packaging feels super weighty and good quality, with a magnetic flip lid and a mirror in the lid.


When tested on my eyelids and my fingers, the eyeshadows are crazily pigmented and quite buttery and soft which leaves them to be super blendable and buildable. I am obsessed with this inky navy blue colour and I cannot wait to get started on some looks using this shade! The colours lasted about seven hours when used with an eyelid primer, and when I swatched on my arm they came off easily using just soap and water.

IMG_1890 IMG_20150111_105143

COST: R220

Yardley’s Palette


This palette contains sixteen eyeshadows; thirteen being Autumn/Winter shades and three being green, baby blue and a lilac shade. Only five shadows seem to be matte, with the others being shimmer, but once swatched you can see that it is only the top layer which contains shimmer.

This palette comes with four mini eyeshadow applicators which are pretty cheap and I won’t attempt to use. Even if they were Gucci I would not use them.


There is no expiration date on the packaging, and there is also no palette weight. I love how the palette is dainty and small enough to throw into your handbag (well maybe not throw, but gently place) and the CD cover style of the palette is unique and something which I have never seen before.

The swatching process was very mediocre. There are a few colours which I really liked but they are not very pigmented and even when I swatched them onto my fingertips I had to press super hard into the eyeshadow pod and I was worried about breaking the entire pod :/ I think these colours would work much better for lighter looks. The shades were also quite chalky opposed to that luxurious buttery feeling that you want from an eyeshadow.


COST: R110



I would choose the GOSH palette over the Yardley palette because even though the latter contains more colours and it is good value for money, the quality does not match GOSH and there is clearly a lot more eyeshadow in the GOSH palette than in the Yardley one as the GOSH eyeshadow pods are much larger and deeper.


Rayne XX

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